There is no better feeling than being able to do what you love for a living. That was our ultimate goal as we created Battleworn in 2019. As husband and wife, fitness has been our common ground for the past 12 years. We wanted to create apparel that would support anyone’s active lifestyle both inside and outside of the gym. We take pride in being able to create and design every piece and see it come to life. From ankle size, strap placement and perfectly selected fabrics, we will continue to make the best product we possibly can for like-minded, fitness enthusiasts.


To stray from the beaten path to pursue your passion can be the most challenging time for anyone, but in that same breath, with enough drive and hard work, it can also be the most rewarding. We wanted to create not just a brand but a symbol that represented those individuals who chose to make their own path in life. A symbol that speaks less about the brand itself and more about the person who wears it. It represents those who believe in themselves enough to fight for what they've dreamt of their entire life, no matter the challenge. By building a stronger awareness and community of fighters we hope to inspire and encourage others to pursue their own passions in life and never settle for anything less, because anything you truly want is worth fighting for.

Liza & Matt Wilkinson founders of Battleworn Fitness Apparel